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A:  We recommend you pack one suitcase and one carry on.  The key to packing is to pack in layers.
A:  We recommend you pack only one suitcase and one carry on. The Caravan is not responsible for baggage fees you may incur. Nor is the caravan responsible for paying for shipping goods from one locale to another during your travels, or because you may have packed too much.
A:  You need to arrive in Omaha the day prior to the start date of your contract.
A:  You may bring your laptop. Any internet fees on tour or at the hotels will be your responsibility. The Caravan cannot be held responsible if your laptop or any other personal belongings are stolen or broken. 
A:  No, you may not bring your pet. We cannot allow your pets into guest housing in Omaha, or in confined areas such as the bus and hotel rooms.
A:  Each company member is allowed TWO - and ONLY TWO - comp tickets while on the tour, to the venues on the road. No exceptions. Your Road Manager will help you line up those comps once you are on contract.
Once you are on contract, you are also allowed ONE comp to the productions at the Omaha Community Playhouse, during that contract time period. No exceptions. You line up your comps through your Road Manager or through the Caravan office.
A:  Yes, we provide worker's comp for any injuries on the job. We do not cover illnesses or injuries that happen during off hours.
Nebraska Theatre Caravan
Atten: (Your name),
(Your tour)
6915 Cass Street
Omaha, NE 68132
A:  We HIGHLY recommend you bring your car. Omaha is a non-public transportation friendly town, and the city is very spread out. You are welcome to park your car at the Caravan parking lot while you are on the road, and employees of the home office will start it once in a while, and clean off the ice and snow. However, the Caravan cannot be responsible if the car is broken into, damaged, or stolen. 
A:  You are welcome to park your car at the Caravan parking lot while you are on the road, and employees of the home office will start it once in a while, and clean off the ice and snow. However, the Caravan cannot be held responsible if the car is broken into, damaged, or stolen. 
A:  Leaving town on your day off depends on which leg of the tour you are on, where you are, what time of year it is, and the circumstances. Generally speaking, we allow individuals to go within 50 miles of the Omaha/Metro area on days off. However, all other times are subject to the individual circumstances in cooperation with the main office and your Road and Stage Manager(s). 
A:  Housing in Omaha is generously given to us by supporters in the community. The hosts do not charge you as the employee, or the Caravan. On the road, the Caravan pays for the hotel reservations; you are responsible for your incidentals. 
A:  As we all know, winter sometimes has up and down temperatures - more often down. Winters can be bitter with snow and ice. You will want to be able to wear layers. 
A:  The weather in Omaha is very up and down. Winters are normally quite cold, and we do get snow. We very often have ice storms in Omaha as well. 
If you bring your own car to Omaha while on contract (during the winter), you will want to make sure you have an ice scraper in your car. 
A:  Once you are hired, we ask you not to change your hairstyle, or cut it without consulting the Caravan first. 
A:  Our larger tours, no. Our crew handles load-ins and load-outs. However, we do have a sign-up sheet while you are in the rehearsal process for a volunteer crew while on the road. This crew would be called upon at a time when the technicians might need some extra hands, such as delays from a winter storm. Again, this list is volunteer. 
Our "larger" tours include A Christmas Carol, Young Frankenstein, for example.
Productions when actors are required to help with load ins and outs are "medium" and "small" shows, such as The Fantasticks and The Lady With All The Answers. We train everyone on the tasks they are assigned.
The Nebraska Theatre Caravan has both one-nights ("one-offs") and sit-downs. It depends on the season and which venues book us.
A:  Please see the "Employment" page of our website. Go to the category entitled "auditions".
A:  Technicians and Musicians, please see our employment section of the website. Actors, please call the office directly at 402-553-4890 ext. 135. 
A:  If you are not going to a national conference and are doing a one on one audition with the Nebraska Theatre Caravan, whether it be a live audition or a taped audition, you are asked to provide: one full song, not acapella; two contrasting monologues - one Classical, one contemporary - preferably not tragic; if you are a dancer, please be prepared to show your dancing skills. If doing a live audition, be prepared to do a cold reading. Please make a live audition appointment with, or send your audition materials to:
Nebraska Theatre Caravan
atten: Kate Whitecotton
6915 Cass Street
Omaha, NE 68132
contact Kate Whitecotton at: 402-553-4890 ext. 135 or 
A:  Ibsen Costume Gallery (1-800-456-6938) or Mangelsen's (402-391-6225)
A:  Bobby's Dancewear; 13459 West Center Road, Omaha, NE 68144     (402-334-1225)
A:  Because casting constantly changes, we do not hand this information out until the appropriate time, to the appropriate people. We appreciate your excitement to know who you may or may not be working with, but we do abide by confidentiality as long as we see appropriate. 
A:  Yes, we ask you to have your lines memorized before you arrive in Omaha. The music will be handed to you on the first day of rehearsal. 
A:  You do need to bring your own shoes. You should have your standard black character shoes. We recommend you have cats-paw on them, as we do not provide rosin on the A Christmas Carol tours. We can recommend you to different shops while you are in town if you need maintenance work done while you are here. 
A:  You need to wear a body briefer. You can wear your own bra underneath it. Do not wear a sports bra.
A:  We provide tights and knee socks.
The Nebraska Theatre Caravan provides ample tools to do your job. However, if you have a favorite tool, a comfortable pair of gloves, or a laptop you cannot live without, you are encouraged to bring these items to make your job easier. 
A:  Not on our larger tours such as A Christmas Carol or Young Frankenstein. The caravan travels the actors in a 50-passenger coach bus. The technicians travel in a sleeper coach or on the bus (pending the season and schedule). The set travels in a semi truck with a license driver.
Sometimes technicians are asked to drive on the smaller tours. These needs will be presented through the interviewing/hiring process as appropriate.
A:  Technicians and Musicians are required to wear blacks; wear something comfortable but presentable.
A:  No, all our music is live.
A:  We try to use a piano for the productions. However, not every venue can accomodate this. In these particular venues, we use a keyboard. 
A:  Yes, usually the score is sent to you 1-3 months ahead of time.
A:  If you know your child is going to go on the tour, you will need to talk with his/her principal and teacher(s). The Nebraska Theate Caravan will provide permission forms, and will guide you through the process. You can then arrange with the teacher(s) for homework. The Caravan will help get more homework, and return completed homework, as needed while your child is on the road.
A:  There is a chaperone/tutor on tour. This person spends daily time with the children in the cast working solely on studies.
A:  The chaperone/tutor makes sure your child works on his/her homework while on tour. There will be daily requirements of hours put in for study, either on the bus, or in the hotels. Completed homework is handled via the system of your school; this is usually done via computer.
A:  Your child will call home as often as you, as the parent, think the child should call home. There is a form the chaperone has conveying such information and rules to abide by for your child.
A:  You may visit your child on tour. However, the Nebraska Theatre Caravan is not responsible for your hotels, travel arrangements, or for getting you tickets into the productions. Sometimes a parent or grandparent may ride on the bus with the child, but again, the Caravan cannot guarantee the space on the bus from year to year, and such arrangements need to be discussed ahead of time.
A:  The Chaperone, as well as acting as the tutor, is responsible for all care of the 3-4 children cast on the tour. The childrens' age-ranges are 8-18. The chaperone makes sure the children eat right, drink properly, don't spend all their money in one place, and make sure they get to bed on time. They also make sure the kids do their homework, call home, laundry is completed, and they are where they need to be when they need to be there, both on and offstage. 

A:  Performance fees vary depending on size of show and routing. Inquiries should go to:

The Brad Simon Organization, Inc.
646-568-7185 direct
212-730-2132 tel Ext. 11
212-730-2895 fax
A:  Most of the publicity is available through this website, under the 'Productions' tab, then selecting the pertinent show title.
A:  For tour booking inquiries, please contact:

Brad Simon
The Brad Simon Organization, Inc.
646-568-7185 direct
212-730-2132 tel Ext. 11
212-730-2895 fax
A:  A Christmas Carol is 2 hours, 5 minutes, plus a 15 minute intermission.

Other shows will vary; contact us if inquiring upon one of our other productions.
A:  Please check the Calendar section of the website, or visit:
A:  In most cases, yes. You can accomplish this by speaking with our Company Manager.  We have a list of workshops we can usually offer in conjunction with a scheduled performance.  $0Email: kwhitecotton@omahaplayhouse.com$0
A:  Due to royalties rules, we cannot provide DVD's (or any other format) of any shows to anyone.
A:  Our A Christmas Carol previews are a viewing for the seventh grade students of the Omaha Public School system. We cannot sell tickets, or provide seats for anyone not related to the production or the OPS agreement. 

We do run ONE "Friends and Family" public performance for each production. These performances are announced amongst the public and company members as we approach them. Seating is limited.
A:  You can get tickets directly from the venue the Nebraska Theatre Caravan is performing in. The Caravan does not sell tickets to any production on the road. 
A:  We do sell CD's of A Christmas Carol. If you are interested in a CD, please contact Kate Whitecotton at kwhitecotton@omahaplayhouse.com.You can also view the gift shop portion of this website for the CD and other A Christmas Carol merchandise.We have merchandise ONLY for A Christmas Carol. We do not sell merchandise in relationship to any of our other productions.
A: How long a company member stays with you depends on the person and the production.
During A Christmas Carol, actors are normally in Omaha 2-3 weeks. Technicians can be in town, depending on the person, 5-8 weeks. 
For our other productions, it depends on the scheduling. It could be 2-3 weeks, or as many as 3 months with a residency production.
A:  We ask you to provide: a bedroom, bathroom privileges, kitchen privileges, and a place to park their vehicle (if they bring a vehicle). 
This would include space in your refrigerator to put food items they purchase.
Preferably a bed; not air mattresses or futons.
It is also important to have a functioning shower or bathtub.
Internet access is helpful, and quite commonplace.
A:  No, you are not expected to cook for our company members. We ask you to allow them kitchen privileges, and then they can cook their own meals.
A:  No, you do not have to drive them anywhere. Some company members bring their own vehicles. For those who do not, the Nebraska Theatre Caravan sets them up on a carpool.
A:  You get the satisfaction of knowing you have made a stranger to the Omaha area feel warm and welcome. You also develop a friendship with a Nebraska Theatre Caravan member that can last a lifetime. Many hosts learn a great deal about a theatre person's career during this interaction, and if there are children in the house, housing a company member becomes a wonderful experience for them. Also, the Caravan office does provide a letter for the tax season, as you can write off the time as a donation to the Omaha Community Playhouse. 
A: Kate Whitecotton, Company Manager of the Nebraska Theatre Caravan at 402- 553-4890 ext. 135 or kwhitecotton@omahaplayhouse.com.
A:  Yes we do. We have CD's of our music from A Christmas Carol for sale. We have a variety of A Christmas Carol items for purchase. If you are interested in purchasing any of these items, please email Kate Whitecotton at kwhitecotton@omahaplayhouse.com Also see our 'gift shop' tab on this website for pictures of the products and details.